grilled rectangular burgers.

these burgers create an amazing optical illusion. they appear rectangular even though they are truly square. this is most likely due to the fact that the optical nerve input is being interrupted by meat sweats.

someone just wouldn’t conform to shaping square burgers. warning: burgers wrapped in bacon will stir up many flames. stalk the burgers like you would an ex-girlfriend or preferred obsession. fire is hot. your skin will weep in it’s own language, it will linger — be careful.

used pepper jack cheese, cheddar, and none, for the anti-cheese burger being. ciabattas drizzled with olive oil and dusted with parmesan cheese. the flavours of these burgers tasted somewhat american or italian, but mostly mediterranean, however, that may have been because of the olives. the ciabatta was very reminiscent of pita bread. the burger itself was tasty and juicy. the flavours were similar to a gyro sammich but i was really missing the ketchup.

last observance: rectangular burgers don’t seem to shrink.

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