grilled cornish hens and eggs, cornbread with dried cranberries and cashews stuffin’.

grilled cornish hens and eggs. for the idea of grilling eggs, i give credit to my two little wild nephews, who last summer insisted on grilling them. if you are going to attempt grilling eggs i suggest you keep the lid open unless you want to surprise some people with a loud destructive sound as i did last night.

i baked cornbread muffins from scratch and crumbled them in a large bowl. added some cashews and dried cranberries, used a bit of chicken broth to moisten, and rebaked in the oven for a bit. i usually make this stuffing for thanksgiving and christmas and everybody loves it. a few other ingredients were missing from my pantry so what you see isn’t the actual recipe but it is tasty enough to please some tongues.

i used orzo as a substitute for rice. i toasted the orzo with some butter and cooked it as i would rice, using chicken broth instead of water. i thought i had planted some parsley in my garden but found out i didn’t. parsley is missing on this dish.

i was a bit off balance last night and forgetting things but the meal turned out delicious. i am happy to be grilling again. i sorta went a little broke and had to wait awhile to fit refilling the propane into the budget. expect more grilling in the following days.

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