grilled eggplants and eggs.

i like eggplants. i like it best cooked in two different ways. this dish happens to be my favourite eggplant recipe. there are several varieties of eggplants and i used the longer kind. i grilled the eggplants until the skin was charred and the insides softened. i peeled the skins, mashed the eggplants and made sure i kept the stems intact. i seasoned and scrambled a couple of eggs and then dipped the eggplant in it. i fried the eggplant and eggs in hot shallow oil, pouring more of the scrambled eggs into the pan, and then flipped it over to cook on both sides.

eggplants have a distinct flavour and when it’s prepared like this it offers a smokiness and taste that is unique and difficult to describe, and it really does pair well with eggs. i like eating it with steamed rice and a little soy sauce. it is a dish i can eat all day.

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