beef roast with cocoa powder rub.

i remembered a guy who included chocolate in his barbecue sauce… i’ve always been curious to what cocoa powder or ground coffee offers meat. i had some cocoa powder left over from baking and created a rub. i mixed in salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, paprika, pasilla chile and sugar. since i had cocoa powder in there — thought why not add a little sugar?

i usually braise beef roast so i wasn’t too sure how it would fare directly on the grill but i went ahead and covered the meat with the rub, and placed it on the middle rack. you will smell something really good right after you place it on the grill and it will make you smile. i let it cook slowly for 3 ½ hours.

i had a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and i attempted to create a barbecue sauce with it. i poured the peppers and sauce into a pan with olive oil, mashed the peppers with a fork, added cocoa powder, let it simmer and then strained into a bowl. i forgot how hot chipotle peppers can be and my tongue was surprised with the spicy heat. that idea didn’t work out so i had to use half a bottle of store -bought hickory barbecue sauce to cut the heat of my failed one. so what you see is hickory chipotle sauce, which had enough sweetness and spiciness that was tamed. good stuff.

the roast looked burnt but i assure you it was not. the cocoa powder gave it a rich dark colour. the rub and slow cooking process gave the meat a pretty decent bark you would get if you had smoked it. in the end, i had a roast that was extremely tender, flavourful and tasted like it was smoked.

i will be experimenting with the rub, adding more spices and herbs. though i was happy with the first attempt, i am curious to taste something more…

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