beef persian kebabs. grilled mangoes with yogurt and walnuts.

i was thinking of what to grill next and this memory of persian kebabs surfaced. i had never grilled them before so i tried it last night, and what i tasted was something really good. so good that i am grilling steaks using the same persian marinade this evening. the ingredients are pretty basic so i am surprised at how much flavour it presented. it’s difficult to describe but it awakened my taste buds to something really different, and my palette seemed to just want to wrap itself around it. though the ingredients are familiar the combination of flavours produced a magic potion that made me and the other souls that were eating very happy, curious and mystified. i would love for everyone to try this recipe — you can return and yell at me if you don’t like it. this is some good stuff.

ingredients and recipe:

cubed beef tenderloin

one large white onion

juice from one lime

one teaspoon salt

one teaspoon pepper

two tablespoon olive oil

puree the onion. mix salt, pepper, lime juice and olive oil. pour the mix onto the skewered meat, and then pour the onion puree on top of that. roll the skewers so all the meat gets soaked. marinate for an hour. then grill ‘em up.

for dessert, i thought of mangoes. i like mango yogurt and maple walnut ice cream so i came up with an idea. i scored and grilled the mangoes, added them to the yogurt, threw in some walnuts and drizzled maple syrup on top. yum!

update: i recalled the onion puree is supposed to be strained. haha oh well, my goof up may have made it even more tastier.

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