everything cooked on the grill. milkfish, mussles, shrimp, veggies. grilled dessert, turon.

i’ll be all over the map on this post but… i like avoiding boundaries. can never get any fresh seafood in the desert, it makes me miss being back home at the coast of cali. got lucky to find a frozen milkfish which was good enough. i love this fish. it’s delicate in flavour, fatty and delicious but it is extremely bony.

have the fish guy gut and clean the milkfish. salt and pepper the fish, inside and out. wash and dice up a tomato, celery, onion and chives, add salt and pepper to it, and you have somewhat of a salsa. stuff the milkfish with the salsa. it will flavour the milkfish and in turn, the fat from the fish will flavour the salsa. wrap the fish in foil and place on the grill until it is done. it will be moist and really damn good. just be sure you check each bite.

got a package of frozen mussels and thawed them. minced some garlic and placed a pan on the grill, melted some butter and tossed the garlic in there. placed the mussles directly on the grill and drizzled some garlic butter on them. they cook quickly. mussels will turn out garlicky and buttery. i like my mussles with some hot sauce. i recommend sriracha.

prepared shrimp in two ways: one with skewers , the other without. peeled and deveined the shrimp. skewers were soaked in water. seasoned the shrimp and drizzled with garlic butter. placed directly on the grill. quick and easy.

second shrimp dish: the shells and heads were kept intact, just pulled the whiskers out. placed on foil, seasoned, added garlic and butter. place on the grill, let it steam in its own juices. keep the liquids and pour it over steamed rice. makes a delicious, orange sauce.

sliced and seasoned up some zucchini, red bell peppers, and bok choy. placed on the grill and drizzled some garlic butter. charred the veggies.

the backyard turned smoky and the smell off the grill permeated the surroundings. i drifted off to far away places, where people cook close to midnight; and i grinned like mad thinking how irritated my asshole neighbor might be with all the noise and smoke being conjured up.

things were going great until the inferno extinguished like a flame off someone’s birthday candle, and that fiery hell was needed to cook dessert with. luckily, found a slab of wood hidden inside a giant clay pot. cleaned out the small grill. fired the wood up but it was not cooperating. had some twigs and pieces off a newly trimmed plum tree and used them to start a fire.

the dessert is traditionally fried in a little oil. it is called turon. first time ever grilling these. use an asian spring roll pastry to wrap the sliced plantains and jackfruit, and brown sugar. place the mixture on the pastry and then fold like an envelope and roll. drench the rolls in melted butter and place on grill. should be done when both sides are crispy and golden. drizzle honey and eat while it’s warm. if you want, you can have it with ice cream. if you’ve never had jackfruit… try it. you can buy them fresh but you’ll most likely find them in glass jars in syrup. it’s really fragrant and delicious. i’d say… a cross between a mango and pineapple. smooth and soft until you begin to chew, then you’ll find it is very fibrous.

it was a challenge cooking an entire meal on the grill especially after running out of propane. and yes, the rice was also cooked on the grill…

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