salt encrusted four-pound chicken baked in the grill.

the grocer didn’t have the cut of meat i wanted to prepare so i got stuck with a four-pound chicken. i always wanted to try this method of cooking and this was my chance. i used about four pounds of kosher salt, mixed in two cups of water, and made a salt slush. i seasoned and drizzled the chicken with rosemary, garlic, onion, butter and olive oil sauce, and stuffed the chicken with half an onion, half a lemon and rosemary.

i then strung the chicken up, salt slushed the bottom of the pan, and then covered the entire chicken with the salt slush. the grill was preheated at 500° and i cooked the chicken in it for an hour.

you will hear the chicken sizzle and boil and smell really good. after i let it cool down for at least twenty minutes i had my little nephews do the honors of busting the crust. they were both intrigued and happy to be allowed to do that. the exterior of the chicken did come out salty but not sickening salty. we made a mess. i didn’t have a brush around so i swept as much salt as i could with a paper towel.

i would suggest you grill-bake the chicken for only 40 minutes instead of an hour like the recipe called for. my family was extremely entertained with this dish. i will do this again. oh, haha and i really wanted to shape the crust into an igloo but i didn’t have enough salt. damn…

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