grilled carne asada tacos with guacamole.

being a cali native it’s common to see several taco joints in one block and i was introduced to mexican food at a young age. i didn’t like guacamole when i was about 8 years old — later i discovered it was because i had eaten a very terrible guacamole. i don’t know of any carniceria around here, so i bought meat i thought resembled what is usually grilled for carne asada. the meat my family uses for carne asada is known as ‘a ranchera’. i had to call my mother for the name and the translation is loose but she thinks it just means ‘from the ranch’. the closest thing i could think of was skirt steak and i was not disappointed. my mother is usually the one in charge of the marinade and making the guacamole but since she lives out of state, i had to go by memory of what she did. this is a very simple dish to make and it will be gone before you know it. i love mexican food. love it.

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