grilled beef piri-piri skewers.

i didn’t find piri-piri at the grocery store — which wasn’t surprising, so i used jalapeno and poblano peppers for the marinade. i didn’t know what a piri-piri was, but after some research, i found out it is a small hell pepper renowned in portugal; the origins are african and in swahili means ‘pepper-pepper’.

now i know this marinade isn’t authentic piri-piri but it seems to me since the portuguese and african peppers are difficult to come by, everyone made up their own marinade with other kinds of peppers. so here is mine. i used: jalapeno, poblano, onion, garlic, olive oil, lime, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and onion powder. powered up the blender and poured the marinade over cut and whole new york strip steaks. you can control the heat to your preference.

after grilling these up the meat had a mild heat to it and filled with flavour. the skewers disappeared quickly and everyone had a smile on their face. between these and the persians from an earlier post, it’s difficult to choose because both flavours are different and unique but it seems the piri-piri won the battle of tongues. this is good, good stuff.

i’ve always heard or read about the argentinian chimichurri sauce but i have never tasted it. i went ahead and made some myself, gathering all the common ingredients; but since i don’t follow directions well at all, i just added whatever i wanted and how much of it. some use cilantro for this sauce but i don’t like cilantro so i made it without. i used: olive oil, parsley, oregano, garlic, onion, lime, rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper. the sauce was amazing and was drizzled over the grilled piri-piri beef. two different recipes from different regions and cultures were an extremely delicious pair. do try these.

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