strawberry cheesecake, strawberry with balsamic vinegar reduction, cocoa-spice and herb-rubbed brisket.

i knew how to make cheesecake and so the idea of grilling strawberry cheesecake willingly came to me. i tested one strawberry filled cheesecake while the brisket was on the grill to make sure it would work. i filled it up with the filling i made using everything a cheesecake needs. the filling had to cook and to my astonishment it worked. i hollowed out a bunch of strawberries and sliced their bottoms to make them stand. filled them with the mix and grilled. since they softened a bit during the grilling process, i stuck them in the freezer right away and thawed them out at room temperature when they were ready to be eaten. i had a few more strawberries left over and i decided i’d skewer and grill them. i made a balsamic vinegar reduction and drizzled over them.

i modified my previous cocoa rub and slow cooked the brisket for about four hours.

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